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Mongols Prepare to Become Stock Owners in Local Mining IPO

Everyone in Mongolia is about to be the proud owner of a little over 500 shares in a local coal company.

I wrote to you after my recent trip to Mongolia about the Erdenes-Tavan Tolgoi mine IPO -- which includes a move by the government to do right by its citizens before the mining industry explodes in that country. 

Mongolia’s GDP is going to TRIPLE in next 10 years, and the citizens will be receiving up to $20,000 EACH in common stock in their biggest mining IPO coming later this year.

We are currently beta-testing MongolianInvestor.com, where we've already started covering the most exciting investment region in the world …for the next 8-10 YEARS. (So bookmark this site!)

WSJ is just scratching the surface of the story … stay tuned!

Read the full WSJ article on Mongolian mining here.*

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