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The #1 Not-So-Secret Blockbuster Driving TD-LTE and VelaTel Into 4G Network Leadership


FierceBroadbandWireless.com gets the TD-LTE standard story SORTA right. But they are missing the VERY big picture … and why TD-LTE is SO important to the growing VelaTel ($VELA) emerging market 4G networks.

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First … they fail to acknowledge that the TD-LTE standard is about to be released for 3.5GHz spectrum … like in the next six months or less. ZTE Corp. is contracted to get dual-band 3.5GHz base station equipment and handsets to VelaTel’s 3.5GHz networks … including its Golden Bridge Network 4G development.

The Fierce article approaches TD-LTE as if it’s only a 2.5GHz solution … NOT true, in fact, with the ZTE equipment coming to VelaTel. TD-LTE for 3.5GHz spectrum is the BLOCKBUSTER news few in the industry have figured out.

Second … advanced 4G TD-LTE handsets, customer-premises equipment (CPE), home base stations/dongles etc. will work on 2.5Ghz or 3.5GHz FD-LTE standard systems too … that’s the whole idea of 4G! One world, one handset -- universal compatibility.

What they DO get right is the rapid acceleration of TD-LTE projects coming down the 4G “pike” … and THAT is due to China Mobile Communications Corp.'s (the parent company of China Mobile) MASSIVE pile of cash ($48 billion and counting) and their determination to have THEIR 4G standard (TD-LTE) as an equal or greater deployed standard by the time China Mobile gets to deploying advanced 4G in China (2014).

VelaTel’s adoption of dual-band 4G WiMax/TD-LTE technology squarely puts them into the advanced 4G TD-LTE camp as the migration path is already built into their new greenfield networks … for both their 2.5GHz AND 3.5GHz spectrum allocations.

It also puts them in the technology camp (TD-LTE) that is a far more efficient user of spectrum vs. FD-LTE.  This spectrum efficiency will add to the substantial COST advantage VelaTel has over incumbent legacy carriers in their network footprint. 

The MORE you know about TD-LTE and CMCC pushing its adoption around the world, the MORE you like VelaTel and ZTE’s partnership!


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